80186 programming for the Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color

The Wonderswan was never released outsidde of Japan, released in 1999, it was released to compete with the Gameboy Color and NeoGeo...

It was uprgreaded hust one year later with an upgraded color model, there was also a Wonderswan Crystal, however this was technically the same as the Wonderswan Color, just with a better screen...

Despite being a commercial failure, the Wonderswan was a powerful system, and impressively, it's V30MZ CPU is x86 compatible! (80186)... this means we can write games and programs for it with UASM!


Wonderswan Wonderswan color
Cpu 3.072mhz 186 compatible 3.072mhz 186 compatible
Ram 16k 64k
Resolution 224x144 224x144
Colors 16 Greyscale 4096  (256 onscreen)
Tile Layers 2 tilemaps (32x32) 2bpp planar
2 tilemaps (32x32) 4bpp / 2bpp... planar / linear
Sprites 128 (8x8 px 32 per line) 2bpp planar 128 (8x8 px 32 per line) 4bpp/2bpp... planar / linear
Sound 4 x 4 bit PCM 4 x 4 bit PCM

WonderSwan, Wonderswan Color, Womderswan Crystal

If you want to learn 8086 get the Cheatsheet! it has all the 8086 commands, It will help you get started with ASM programming, and let you quickly look up commands when you get confused!

WSMAN - The only real documentaion on the wonderswan out there

Memory Map
Address Size Purpose
IVT Interrupt Table
Wonderwan RAM
Tilemap 1 (SCR1)
Tilemap 2 (SCR2)
$02000 $2000 2bpp tiles
$04000 $4000/2000 4bpp Sprites / WSC extra 2bpp tiles)
$08000 $4000 4bpp tiles
$FE00 $2000 Palettes
$10000 $10000 Cartridge SRAM

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