Planet: Ryokuishichi  (緑石地)

Life form Population
... 1!


Ryoukishichi has often been the source of gossip and rumor for some reason... often the subject of intergalactic bullshit rumor mill "InfoBores" no one is really sure what to make of the planet these days...

What IS known is that it is it has no mineral wealth, no tourism, does not deal in intellectual property, and it's dustllike surface is unable to grow crops of almost any kind....

It's also become strangely popular with the intergalactic community recently - receiving huge financial support and donations, massively disproportionate influence in intergalactic politics, and many treaties and trading regulations have been altered coincidentally favoring this strange planet and it's inhabitants

As a result, it's become incredibly wealthy, which is probably the cause of the rumors... and lets face it, the previously impoverished members of a planet with no resources, and no military might couldn't have any real political influence, could they?

One final irrelevant piece of trivia... The planet seems to be riddled with strange glowing green rocks - meaning it's the only planet known to 'self illuminate' - weird eh?