Planet: Kyoutetsuchi (強鉄地)

Life form Population... 1!


It's believed that Kyoutetsuchi once had an 'organic population'... but in this case, it seems evolution took a different path.

Due to the remarkable metallic elements found on it's surface, Kyoutetsuchi became renound for the most advanced AI androids in the galaxy.

After the organic life naturally died out, the machine life took custody of the planet, and Kyoutetsuchi thrived as a source of 'outsourced' work for other planets...  Legendary for it's low costs, and reliable work, it was wildly popular, and became known as the 'workhouse of the galaxy'...

Unfortunately, there was a great fire a few years ago, which covered most of the inhabited parts of the planet, and it's believed most of the AI lifeforms were extinguished in this fire...  the remaining life forms no longer take on work from other planets, it seems they have found their own new 'mission' they are going to undertake.