Planet: Agechi (揚地)

Life form Population
... 1!


Once legendary throughout the galaxy for it's mineral wealth, Agechi was wildly famed for it's precious metals, rare earths and solid-state fuels....

Due to this bounty, Agechi became incredibly wealthy, and a huge financial center for stocks, currencies, banking.

After the 'Great Coincrash' a decade ago, in which the value of the $hitcoin 'virtual currency' collapsed for a few hours, there was great concern that the days of Agechi's reputation as a financial powerhouse were numbered, but it seems this was just a 'blip', and Agechi is now more wealthy than ever...

That said, there have been some strange goings on, and some unpleasant rumors have been going around lately, but with the incredible reputation of Agechi and it's AAAA+++ credit rating, no one really believes them.